Features & Benefits

Udutu’s web-based LMS saves time, reduces costs and makes your training and onboarding consistent, trackable and efficient.

Simple Onboarding

Bring employees up to speed quickly, so they can get to work faster. Simplify your HR workflow with self-paced training for your employees, customized and automatically assigned based on specific jobs, locations, groups and more.

Trackable Training

Keep track as trainees make their way through their training. Easily view what tasks have been completed and whether documents and videos have been viewed.

Self-led learning allows you to measure the effectiveness and levels of understanding without instructor intervention.

Receive alerts to surface missed deadlines or notify employees and managers when training hasn’t been completed.

Quick & Easy Set Up

Employee’s records are automatically stored in the Udutu LMS platform, making it easy to reference course completion and certificates when you need them, and ensuring your staff has the most up-to-date training. Even proof of learning for ex-employees is kept, helping protect you from litigation or disputes.

Permanent Records

All of your employees records are stored automatically in the Udutu LMS platform, so you can easily reference course completion certificates and ensure your staff has completed the most up to date training. Even proof of learning for ex-employees are kept, helping to protect you in case of litigation or disputes.

Automated Reporting

No programming required! Tailor your software with corporate brand, colours, styles, fonts, & logo. Create your own custom login page and apply your company branding to the user interface for consistency.

Custom Branding

Tailor your software with corporate brand, colours, styles, fonts, & logo—no programming required. Create your own custom login page and customize the look and feel of the user interface to maintain consistent branding with your company.

Cloud Based LMS

Reach your learners anywhere, anytime. Udutu LMS is built to work on any device, and is easily accessed through any internet browser.

Save on Overhead

With an automated training process you need approximately 1-hour of management time per employee trained.

Train Consistently

With standardized training, every employee receives the same level of training quality – both in person and online. 

Reduce Turnover

Clearly define & communicate company rules, regulations, and job expectations to ensure compliance company-wide.

Integrate APIs

Seamlessly connect via API to your HRIS, CRM, and other systems for your customized workflow.

Less Paperwork

With automated reporting and permanent record-keeping, stay organized with your company’s data readily available.

Why Udutu?

Quality is the at the core of Udutu’s DNA.

This is what makes Udutu the Gold Standard in online learning. Since 2006 we have been dedicated to making online learning and training more accessible, more effective, and readily available since 2006. We work with industry leaders in teaching and design to create effective content and tools that empower you to train better while saving time and money.

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